Kirill Perian

Data-driven problem solver with diverse background in business intelligence, data analytics, business process improvement and project management techniques. I am helping businesses make better decisions and build better processes through data discovery, data analytics, data prep automation and requirements validation using adaptive, iterative and value-driven approaches. I have a blend of a business analyst, a solution designer, a project manager and a report/application developer skills.

How to Handle Slowly Changing Dimensions

Data modeling is surely not a new concept, but it is a key one, especially in the age of big data.  Data modeling emphasizes what data is needed and how it should be organized. Let’s talk about everyone’s favorite topic, Slowly Changing Dimensions.


Kirill PerianHow to Handle Slowly Changing Dimensions
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Using Cars to Explain Azure Cloud Services

I get it, you may be a bit confused about the main types of Azure cloud services in relation to cloud computing, who is responsible for what and the trade-offs when you shift from one model to the next. I’d like to try to clear some confusion by relating Azure cloud service models to something we all know about – cars.

Kirill PerianUsing Cars to Explain Azure Cloud Services
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