Thom Pantazi

Logistics patent holder with over 30 years of IT logistics systems combined with actual hands on practical open road driving experience. Deep knowledge base in data design with a heavy focus on data warehousing and reporting. Strong background in integration including ETL and CDC systems capable of managing MDM and ODS solutions from disparate systems. Establish mission critical dashboards to aid in monitoring KPIs over a multitude of inputs.

Cost Management in Azure

It’s important to effectively plan and control costs for your business. When using Azure products and services, you only pay for what you use. Cost management is key, and Azure Cost Management helps to provide access to usage costs and has the tools to manage them.

Thom PantaziCost Management in Azure
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How to Connect Azure Data Factory to Azure DevOps

Are you using Azure DevOps and want to know how to use it as a code repository? A benefit to using DevOps (or any code repository) is you can create a method to preserve the code from a working version while you’re making modification. In this post I’ll show you how to connect an existing Azure Data Factory project to an Azure DevOps code repository.

Thom PantaziHow to Connect Azure Data Factory to Azure DevOps
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