Data Governance

An Introduction to Data Governance (Part 1 of 2)

Data security is of utmost importance for all organizations, and can be ensured with proper data governance policies. In an introduction to data governance, there’s so much to cover, so I’ve split this Azure Every Day blog/video into 2 parts. Let’s start with the basics.

Jon BloomAn Introduction to Data Governance (Part 1 of 2)
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Power BI in the Enterprise – A Conversation with Asgeir Gunnarsson

As I continue to explore and develop best practices for managing serious business-scale Power BI solutions, I’m having conversations with recognized community leaders. In November, I chatted with Ásgeir Gunnarsson on the SQL Train ride from Portland to PASS Summit in Seattle. Ásgeir is a data platform MVP and seasoned Business Intelligence expert from Reykjavik, Iceland who works as Chief Consultant for Datheos, a Microsoft-focused BI and Analytics consultancy in Copenhagen. He leads the Icelandic Power BI User Group and PASS Chapter.

Paul TurleyPower BI in the Enterprise – A Conversation with Asgeir Gunnarsson
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Power BI Governance Strategies


Are you a company struggling to keep up with who is accessing your environment, what reports are being created, and how many licenses are needed within Power BI? Is the lack of data governance preventing your organization from reaching its fullest potential?

Tom WardPower BI Governance Strategies
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Introduction to Data Governance in Azure SQL DB

Jon B.-2Data Governance has slowly crept into the limelight, and for good reason. With upcoming mandates on Data Privacy, having a Data Governance framework in place will support and fortify your efforts to becoming a Data Driven organization. In a recent webinar, Jon Bloom, shows how you can easily apply Row Level Security and Data Masking to your Azure SQL Database.

Tom WardIntroduction to Data Governance in Azure SQL DB
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The 5 Stages of Cloud Adoption

The 5 Stages of Cloud Adoption (1)So, still not in the cloud and the thought of doing so feels like you’re taking a huge jump into unknown waters? We’re seeing more enterprises starting to dip their toe in the water with Microsoft Azure. Microsoft has shown their commitment to where they’re going with their cloud infrastructure and the growth has been tremendous.

Tom WardThe 5 Stages of Cloud Adoption
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