Disaster Recovery

High Availability and Disaster Recovery – Are They the Same Thing?

Are high availability and disaster recovery the same thing? High availability and disaster recovery are both very important and meaningful for business continuity but should be considered as completely different topics. In a recent webinar, Consultant and DBA Michael Wall, teaches you all you need to know about HR and DR, as well as how you should be using them in your environment.

3CloudHigh Availability and Disaster Recovery – Are They the Same Thing?
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Business Continuity Strategies in Azure

free training with Chris SeferlisKeeping businesses online and operational is a key concern, no matter the nature of your downtime. Most companies don’t focus on business continuity until it’s too late or have incomplete, untested barebones recovery plans. High Availability, Disaster Recovery and Backup are all critical to a complete business continuity solution. In a recent webinar, Senior Principal Architect Chris Seferlis discussed how leveraging Azure for disaster recovery and business continuity is the most effective way to ensure you’re protected.

Tom WardBusiness Continuity Strategies in Azure
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Why You Need a Disaster Recovery Plan

As data platform professionals, our number one responsibility is to make sure that the data we are providing toshutterstock_388293868.jpg our customers and users is available to them whenever they need it. The last thing we want to have happen is
for our business to lose a customer because their “highly available” data wasn’t available when needed or, worse yet, a datacenter-related disaster meant their data was lost and never available to them.

Tom WardWhy You Need a Disaster Recovery Plan
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