Microsoft Flow

Kill Manual Processes with PowerApps

with Brian Knight

How do you eliminate that pile of paperwork? How can we digitally transform business processes and workflows and kill all this manual paperwork? You can do just that with PowerApps, and in a recent webinar, Brian Knight shows you how to convert common paper or electronic forms into a PowerApp with workflows and better accountability.

Tom WardKill Manual Processes with PowerApps
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Microsoft Flow: Top 5 Templates for Team Communication

2018-10-24_15-50-13The notion of converting routine tasks across Microsoft (MS) and non-MS systems into a fully automated and synergized workflows with just a few clicks seems like a promise that’s too good to be true. But that’s exactly what Microsoft Flow says and does.

Tom WardMicrosoft Flow: Top 5 Templates for Team Communication
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Power BI Streaming Datasets with Microsoft Flow

with Manuel Quintana

If you’re using Power BI and aren’t familiar with streaming datasets in Power BI, we’ve got the webinar for you! In a recent free webinar, Manual Quintana takes you through creating streaming/real-time datasets in Power BI using Microsoft Flow to orchestrate the movement of data from various sources into Power BI directly.

Tom WardPower BI Streaming Datasets with Microsoft Flow
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