Azure Trends: Looking Ahead to 2021

2020 has been many things. We’ve seen massive change and resiliency in our interactions with clients and each other. Working remotely for most organizations has changed the way we think about running our business and what we need to do for the future.
In a recent webinar, our delivery leaders discussed the lessons learned from 2020 and looked forward to 2021 to share what they’re looking for in the new year. From DevOps to modernizing applications to data, all the key areas of technology are discussed. Check out this webinar for an engaging, round robin-style conversation on the technical challenges and opportunities you and your team can expect as we say farewell to 2020.
You can watch the complete webinar below.

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3CloudAzure Trends: Looking Ahead to 2021
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DAX CALCULATE and FILTER Functions in Power BI

We all know Power BI is a powerful analytics tool and it’s easy to create a new Power BI Desktop file, import some data into it and create reports that show valuable insight. Adding Data Analysis Expression, better known as DAX, enables you to get the most out of your data.
If you’re new to Power BI or DAX, DAX is a collection of formulas, or expressions, that are used to calculate and return one or more values. DAX helps you to use data already in your model and create new information from it that can solve real business problems.
When I first started using DAX functions, it brought my Power BI skills to the next level. I was able to tackle some analytical needs that I had struggled with in the past. I’m here to share a couple favorite formulas that I use all the time called the CALCULATE function and the FILTER function. Please be sure to watch my video included in this post as I walk through using this DAX formula.
• In my demo, I’m working with a data set to find the beginning balance for 2017 for our assets.
• To do that I need to sum a column in my table called beginning balance when fiscal year equals 2017 and when financial type equals asset.
• I’ll do this by using a combination of the CALCULATE function and the FILTER function. The CALCULATE function allows you to calculate a function on the entire table.
• In my code I’m going to CALCULATE the sum on our beginning balance. This would calculate the sum for the entire table.
• But we only want to calculate the sum for 2017 for just the assets and financial type. For this, once we have calculated the table, we need filter that table. Think of this FILTER function as making a digital table in the background.
• We need to FILTER it where fiscal year equals 2017 and where finance type equals asset. In my code, I’ll add FILTER for the function, and we need to tell it what table we are going to be filtering, in my case it’s the balance table. Then add where fiscal year equals 2017 and where finance type equals asset.
• Using these DAX functions, our result will show the beginning balance for our assets for 2017.
• My video shows you exactly how to write the code I used here, so be sure to check it out.

As you can see, this is super simple, and this formula allows you flexibility in how you write it. You can FILTER tables in many ways and use different functions within CALULATE. I hope you enjoyed this simple use case of these powerful DAX functions in Power BI.

Need further help? Our expert team and solution offerings can help your business with any Azure product or service, including Managed Services offerings. Contact us at 888-8AZURE or [email protected]

Alex BeechDAX CALCULATE and FILTER Functions in Power BI
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3Cloud Welcomes Mark Nelson as New VP of Managed Services

We’re excited to announce Mark Nelson as our VP of Managed Services at 3Cloud! In this role, Mark will lead our Managed Services practice and drive the growth of this key division of 3Cloud’s business.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Mark as VP of Managed Services. He has stepped into a pivotal role and we’re excited to see him bring his knowledge and experience to deliver excellent experiences for our clients, and to drive the growth of our Managed Services business,” said Matt Morse, COO of 3Cloud.

Mark comes to us with a deep background in consulting and managed services. He led the creation and growth of West Monroe Partners’ award-winning Managed Services practice—which ultimately grew to more than 125 people—and shepherded that team’s spinoff into Ascend Technologies. Prior to West Monroe Partners, Mark held technology leadership roles at Arthur Andersen and BearingPoint. He spent nine months serving as interim CIO for a client in the futures trading industry, and that experience was an eye-opener to the opportunity to deliver managed IT services that mid-market firms really need. He is a lifelong resident of Illinois and attended Indiana University.

“I was impressed with the culture and strategy of 3Cloud’s leadership and the capabilities of the 3Cloud team,” Mark states. “3Cloud has a strong Managed Services foundation to support our clients as they evolve on their journey with Azure.  I look forward to building on our current Managed Services offering and continuing to expand our capabilities to meet the changing needs of our clients and to be the premier Managed Services Provider for Microsoft Azure customers.”

As the cloud is forever changing, with new updates emerging daily, companies can quickly fall behind. 3Cloud’s Managed Services practice has the tools, processes, and IP to optimize our clients’ spend and performance and ensure they stay on the leading edge. Our Managed Services team monitors and manages client’s environment to proactively mitigate problems, contain costs and get the maximum performance and availability of their systems. 3Cloud is one of only 55 Azure Expert MSPs in the world.

3Cloud3Cloud Welcomes Mark Nelson as New VP of Managed Services
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How to Work from Home Successfully and Stress Free

As someone who has been working from home for over 5 years, I have some veteran advice for anyone who may be entering this precarious work/life balance for the first time. It may sound like a dream come true for most people, but make no mistake, it is still work. More disciplined and deliberate than a traditional office setting, but with great responsibility come great perks…if done right. Here are my tips for how to work from home successfully:

Rachel TruloveHow to Work from Home Successfully and Stress Free
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Azure Data Factory v2 Parameter Passing

Summary of the Matter:
Parameter passing in ADFv2 had a slight change in the summer of 2018.   Microsoft modified how parameters are passed between pipelines and datasets.  Prior, you could reference a pipeline parameter in a dataset without needing to create a matching dataset parameter.   The screen prints below explain this much better, and if you are new to ADFv2 and parameter passing, this will give you a nice introduction.  I personally feel the change is an improvement.

New Warnings and Errors
My client had been using ADFv2 since the beginning of 2018, then on a particular Monday, we walked into the office and noticed that our ADFv2 datasets were throwing errors and warnings. 

Tom WardAzure Data Factory v2 Parameter Passing
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University of New Haven Transforms their Reports with Power BI

PowerBI-600x200University of New Haven had challenges with their reporting system and were looking for a better way to create reports in real-time, as well as the ability to easily review reports across departments and to compare multiple years’ worth of data, and ultimately make better decisions.

Tom WardUniversity of New Haven Transforms their Reports with Power BI
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Is Everyone Moving to the Cloud?

Everyone to the cloud v2.jpgI’m sure you’ve heard people talking about how they are embracing the cloud and migrating their business there. And you’re thinking, ‘Is everyone moving to the cloud?’ The answer is YES; about 75% of our customers are having deep cloud solution conversations about modernizing their data platform, moving their data center and evaluating cloud analytics.

Tom WardIs Everyone Moving to the Cloud?
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Do You Know What Your CIOs Are Up To?

Validate your CIO's Strategy.jpg

Your CIO plays one of the most important roles in your organization. Do you know what your CIO is working on to help grow your business?

Validating your CIO’s strategy is an important piece of knowledge to ensure that your business is moving forward. Here are the 3 questions to ask to figure out that strategy.

Tom WardDo You Know What Your CIOs Are Up To?
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