App Modernization

App Modernization

Evolve your existing apps.

You have big investments in the apps you’re running today, and you may not able to simply start fresh. We can help. We have an approach to analyze your existing code, apply our knowledge and experience of Azure, recommend a road map, and then work with you to implement the right solution for your needs.

Our solutions may include serverless technology (Azure Functions, LogicApps, App Services, Cognitive Services, etc.). They may include containers (including a variety of orchestration options, like Azure Kubernetes Services, Service Fabric, or others). The right solution will be the one that provides the right combination of speed, efficiency, and practicality of implementation for your app.

Or start fresh.

In some cases, you can start fresh – and when you do, we can help you to architect and implement an app that is secure, fast, scalable, and runs efficiently in your Azure environment.

Code for innovation…

Building your app on Azure opens doors to opportunities to innovate both your app’s functionality and your dev process. Use a CI/CD pipeline to increase the quality and security of your build and deployment process. Use AI to add a predictive element to your experience. You choose where to go: we’ll help you get there.

…and efficiency.

Development for the cloud brings new power to development teams – and new challenges. Your developers may not have had to think much about how many resources their apps have consumed in the past – or about the cost differences between different resource types. They do now. And we can help your team understand how to architect and build apps that are fast, while making the most of your Azure dollar.