Managed Services

Managed Services

You run your business. We'll mind the tech.

You know your clients, your product, your markets. Your time should be spent looking for ways to support your business with technology, and not simply on keeping things running. We can help. When your data center or applications are running in Azure, our team is ready to support and manage your environment.

Born in the cloud.

You're on a journey - from an application portfolio that is based on virtual machines to one that uses more cloud-native technologies - and you need a managed services team to be on the same path. We can help. Our managed services team was born in the cloud, and we only support clients running in Azure. We're ready to grow with you, and help drive your transformation.

You need options. We have them.

Finally, every environment is unique. We have a standard set of Azure services that we can tailor to your specific needs, giving you the benefit of a custom solution with the consistency of a standard one.

Proactive, and always ready.

Our managed services never sleep: we're available 24x7, and while we are always willing to answer your questions and provide support, we spend much of our time proactively managing your environment. Monitoring your security. Ensuring you are up-to-date with patches and antivirus. Verifying backups. Our goal is to solve problems before you ever know about them.

Our Managed Services in Azure also bring with them a special emphasis on efficiency. Our team works to perpetually ensure that your Azure environment is running efficiently, and alerts you each month with recommendations for how you can optimize your Azure spending.